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Our Club is open each day after school from 2:30 to 9:00 p.m. Research has shown that during this time of day, children are most vulnerable to gangs, violence and other risky behaviors. We promise our kids a great future by not only keeping them safe and off the streets, but by giving them opportunities that can change their lives.


Our trained, professional and caring staff implements proven youth development strategies and creates a supporting environment for youth in grades K – 12.

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AIM Summer Day Camp programs offer fun experiences with an opportunity to meet new friends, participate in sporting activities, discover new interests, and create memories that last a lifetime.

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Through our programs, we enable our youth to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible adults. Our programs are the heart of our promise for the future. They engage young people in activities with adults, peers and family members that enable them to learn powerful life skills and introduce them to new experiences. Based on the interests and needs of the disadvantaged boys and girls we serve, our Club offers diverse program activities in the following three areas:

Invest in BGCM programs that foster academic success, healthy living and character and leadership development. Your support will change the FUTURE.


Elementary Programs

Every day after school we receive kids directly from 5 different schools through a bus partnership. These participants come directly to the Boys & Girls Club right after school. Our after school program consists of the following programs facilitated by professional staff and trained volunteers:
Power Hour – Focused on Academic Success, kids complete homework, participate in creative learning activities and complete reading assignments
Dinner & Snack – Every day after school we serve a well balanced meal and nutritious snack to compliment our Healthy Lifestyles focus
Discovery Hour – provides high-yield learning activities that focus on Good Character & Citizenship and Healthy Lifestyles. Programs include Triple Play, Smart Kids, DIY STEM and My Future. Activities are facilitated in targeted program areas of Education & Career Development; Character & Leadership Development; Health & Life Skills; The Arts and Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Teen Programs

Our teen initiative prioritizes providing a safe, fun and supportive environment for teens during the hours at which they are most vulnerable to negative choices and behavior. We now have professional staff dedicated specifically towards developing our teen initiative. Currently we are open from
3:30 pm to 8:00 pm for students in grades 6-12.

Programs include Passport to Manhood, Smart Girls, and Triple Play with plans of expanding to include more programs focused on Good Character & Citizenship.

Teen Scene is partially funded by support from City of Muncie’s Community Development Block Grant thru HUD

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Every day during the school year and summer, your child(ren) will benefit from an engaging, safe, interactive and fun environment at the Boys & Girls Club of Muncie.

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