Frequently Asked Questions

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Some of the most common questions are listed below to help you out.

Membership Questions:

What is the cost?

The cost is $15 per school year. Summer costs may vary based on programs and activities a child participates in. Parents will be required to provide the child’s social security number as well as proof of income for eligibility

What is your weekly/monthly fee for after school care?

There is no weekly or monthly fee. *There may be costs associated with special trips, early care or other special programs.

Do you provide scholarships for youth or foster youth?

Scholarships are reviewed case by case and are dependent on availability.

Is attendance required?

No, we are a drop in facility and do not require attendance but recommend your child come at least three days per week to fully benefit from the programs that are provided.

Do you provide discounts?

Our fees are structured to be affordable; we will set up payment plans if necessary. There are no family discounts. The cost is $15 per child.

Do you provide meals/snacks?

Each day after school we provide a full supper and snack.

Do you provide transportation?

We provide transportation each day after school. Contact the Club directly to find out if schools will drop off at the Club or if the Club provides transportation from your school. Transportation home from the Club is not provided.

Are you open during school breaks or holidays?

We currently partner with AIM for all holiday breaks and summer camp.

Can my child bring a friend for a day?

Club visits are allowed during the school year and are limited to one day. Waivers must be signed prior to attending.

Programmatic Questions:

Will my child receive one on one tutoring?

All youth are provided homework assistance. Tutoring is on a case by case basis and dependant on volunteers. We prioritize those that request tutoring or have score low on tests.

Are there programs for specific age groups?

Our programs are age-appropriate and geared to meet the needs and interests of various ages. There are several specific programs for every age, including teen programming.

Volunteer Questions:

I'm interested in volunteering as a parent. How do I do that?

Yes, we would love to have you as a volunteer. Please visit our volunteer page for instructions on how to sign up. You may discuss current opportunities with the Volunteer Coordinator and then complete the volunteer enrollment process.

Can I volunteer as a teenager?

You must first become a member by paying the membership fee and complete a volunteer application.

Is there a minimum amount of days or hours?

Depends on your availability. To gain the most of your experience, we recommend setting up a schedule conducive to your talent and the Club’s needs.

Current Programs

Fall Program

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