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3rd Annual Roy C. Buley Memorial Golf Outing

Our third annual Roy C. Buley Memorial Golf Outing on June 10 raised over $5,000 for the Junior Golf Program! We’d like thank our more than 80 golfers and 30 hole sponsors for helping us provide this program.


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Spring in Muncie

By | Club Events, Press Releases

Well, it’s finally spring here in Muncie. I don’t know about you, but used to be, the smell of freshly cut grass always made me think of baseball. Baseball was my sport, it is the game that I’d play before I played any other. As my knees and back argue that I’m not quite able to play baseball with the vigor I’d once done, there is another sport I now wish I’d learned to play at a younger age. That game is golf.

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Seasons Greetings from the CEO

By | Press Releases

Happy Holidays. As I write this, we are just coming off a day where we had 262 members in our buildings. That is a testament to you, our partners, families, and champions in the community.  With your help, our average daily attendance for this week was 230 members per day. 

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