Employment Opportunities

Check out this page for current job openings, upcoming positions, and general information about employment at the Boys & Girls Club of Muncie.

Fall 2017 Positions Available

  • AmeriCorps; 900 Hours (2 positions)
  • AmeriCorps; 675 Hours (3 positions)
  • Program Aide; part-time (4 positions)
  • Intern; unpaid (6 positions)

The Boys & Girls Club of Muncie is looking for a new Program Director 6th – 12th (Teen Director). Under the direction of the Boys & Girls Club Chief Executive Officer, Teen Services will be responsible for implementing teen programs and developing local resources for Club pre-teens and Teens 6th – 12th grade. Programs will foster positive self-Identity; education, employment, social, emotional and cultural competencies; community and civic involvement; health and life skills and a moral compass.

To learning more about this position, click here.

To apply for this position, please fill out the Employment Application and email it to Jodi Martin at jmartin@bgcmuncie.org

The Boys & Girls Club of Muncie is seeking a new Chief Executive Officer to lead our board, staff, volunteers and, most importantly, Club Kids into a thriving future.  This opportunity is tailored for someone with confidence, ability to take independent action, initiative, a sense of urgency, and the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them. A well-suited candidate can react and adjust quickly to changing conditions and come up with practical ideas for dealing with them.  The style the position needs is purposeful, directed at getting things done quickly. There is a great deal of challenge and pressure, and people and problems must be handled with confidence and determination.  If you consider yourself a talented coach and mentor then this position may be ideal for you.

The position of CEO requires a self-disciplined person who can handle details as long as they are only an intermittent aspect of the job, and not the primary responsibility. This job requires self-assurance and competitive drive. There is a strong demand for high quality, organized and repeatable results. The responsibilities are broad in scope, encompassing a wide variety of activities requiring rapid shifts in priorities. This is primarily a task-focused job, requiring a somewhat authoritative, directive leadership style that encourages results-driven, task-oriented collaboration.

Does this sound like a challenge that you are up for?  If yes, then take a deeper look at the full job description here and apply.  We are ready for the person who is going to lead us into the future right now. Is that you?